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Wedding Car Hire

Bentley Mulsanne now available for Hire

Kudos adds a stunning Bentley Mulsanne collection to its range

Here at Kudos, we’re proud of the stunning fleet of cars we have, and think there’s a variety for every occasion and style. And so we’re proud to announce the addition of 3 Bentley Mulsannes to our collection! With a choice of a white, silver or black finish, we can cater to those who are looking for a white wedding, or something more understated. Like its sister, the Arnage, the Mulsanne embodies the prestige of the Bentley make. When it comes to Bentley hire, Kudos has a history of providing high quality cars with a service to match.

The Mulsanne features an impressive 6.75L Twin Turbo V8 engine, enabling it to glide powerfully along and give you a smooth ride. It’s not just the performance that’s striking – the exterior of all 3 of these cars, with the variety of finishes, is a nod to the traditional Bentley design – echoing the S-Type shape of the 1950s. The Mulsanne’s elegant form is suited to those after pure luxury.

If you’re after wedding car hire, the Bentley Mulsanne is ideally matched – whether it’s a traditional wedding or something more modern. The Bentley’s interiors are warm, comforting and sumptuous – from the leather finishing to the wood panelling. With the array of luxury features such as heated adjustable chairs, LCD screens, Naim audio system, and abundant legroom, the Mulsanne is a car designed to be experienced and enjoyed.

Which makes it all the more perfect to hire for a wedding, prom, anniversary or other special occasion. You can sit back, relax and make the most of your journey, surrounded by the opulent furnishings and cruising along towards your destination in the utmost luxury. We’re more than happy to talk about our new additions to the Kudos family, so if you’re looking to hire a Bentley Mulsanne, get in contact today.

Becoming a Wedding Planner

You can simply fall into a career by mistake sometimes, but other careers need a little background in order for you to become an expert. Most people might mistakenly think that becoming a wedding planner is very easy as long as you have good organizational skills. However, it’s a little more complex than that. Ok, so you don’t need a Bachelor’s degree or anything, but it does make sense to think about the business aspects of being a wedding planner.

If you work by yourself as a sole trader you will need some back-up, such as an accountant, a bookkeeper and possibly a lawyer. The bookkeeper will help you keep track of your business spending and your income so that when it comes to tax time you will have enough set by to pay what you owe. The accountant will keep track of your taxes and make sure you don’t fall behind and they will also help submit your assessment forms on time. A lawyer will simply be there for back-up legal advice if you need it. If you own a business where you actually employ those kinds of people in-house, they will do the same things, but you will be paying their wages instead of the fees an independent accountant, bookkeeper or lawyer would charge.
You also need to know a little about business management so that you don’t get caught up in traps. You need to know a little about staff motivations, training and delegating work to the right people. You also have to have to some kind of marketing experience or at least be able to employ a marketing manager to make sure your website is kept current as well as that having them market you and your business in the best ways possible. Having the right kind of exposure will help your business grow. If needed you could definitely benefit from taking a college course in business management and marketing to increase your own knowledge base.

Because you will be working alongside a huge cross-section of the general public it will also benefit you if you have a little knowledge of people psychology. One week you would be working with Sleeping Beauty, who is calm and trusting and another week you might be working with the ultimate Bridezilla and you need to know exactly how to deal with all types of personalities. You also need to deal with wedding vendors and companies who offer Bentley hire in London, flower vendors and food caterers, and you need to know how to be around those people too and not intimidate them. Knowing how to deal with people can be a huge asset, especially in the wedding industry, so have your skills ready and brush them up when needed.

That was a Blooming Good Wedding

That was a Blooming Good Wedding

Anyone can have Rolls Royce weddings on Volkswagen budgets if they know how to find the right people to get their accessories from. The flowers are an intrinsic part of a wedding and choosing the right flowers is an important part of the build-up to the big day. Finding the right flower vendor who can make your bouquet, corsage and boutonnieres will take the pressure off having to think about it, knowing it’s in the hands of someone who understands your needs.

Choosing Colours

So, the first thing to think about is the time of year you will be getting married. Not every flower will be available to you because they are seasonal. If you want a summer wedding you need to think about which flowers are Spring and Summer bloomers, and if you want an Autumn wedding, think about flowers that bloom in late Summer or Autumn. The same applies to Winter and Spring. Your flower expert will be able to guide you as to the best types of flower that will last at least a few days past the wedding so that if you want to donate them they will have a longer shelf life. The flower vendor will advise you of the best type of flowers for your centrepieces for the tables. Also, you will get advice about the boutonnieres and which flowers will stay healthy the longest and of course, the bridal corsage.

Spring is a time when the earth wakes up after the long sleep, flowers bloom, cherry blossom explodes on the trees and daffodils pop up everywhere. For Spring you might be advised to choose roses or amaranthus for your centerpiece at the tables. Tulips are also a huge favourite and there are over five hundred varieties to choose from and almost as many colors. If you have a colour preference that you have talked about with your flower vendor you will have already agreed whether those colours are available and if not, they will have advised you of which ones are. A slightly unusual but quirky choice would be hyacinths which have the most beautiful violet blue colouring and are tightly bunched in their own blooms. They can be tied into small bouquets with thick green leaves, curled over and bunched. Miniature daffodils are also perfect as boutonnieres and three tiny little yellow blooms against the backdrop of a dark coloured morning suit would look stunning.

Whatever time of year you are intending to choose as your wedding month, it is important that you find the perfect flowers to suit you. You will find that the spectrum of colours available in nature are the most stunning of choices and once you have the perfect flower arrangements your wedding will be plain sailing and bloomin’ lovely.

1st Anniversary Ideas

Once the wedding is over the two of you begin your life together. It’s about that happy time of setting up home and maybe starting a family and just spending those special days with someone amazing. The idyllic picture of life together on a happy-ever-after basis is also about the practical stuff, like going to work, raising the kids, having holidays, buying new cars and doing all those things together. As the year rolls on you get close to that very first wedding anniversary and you will want to make it a special one.

10th Anniversary ideas

So, you managed to reach the first major milestone ending in a zero. The tenth wedding anniversary is probably the most major milestone because you will likely have survived the metaphoric seven year itch and got through it with your marriage very much intact. This is definitely cause for celebration and there are many ways you can make the tenth anniversary a very memorable one for you both.

25th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

So, you reached the sliver wedding anniversary and you have every reason to want to celebrate. Twenty five years is an astonishing milestone in the life of a marriage, considering that so many don’t have the same happy ending. It is certainly cause for praise and it’s no wonder you might want your family and friends in on it to enjoy the experience. After twenty five years you might think that it’s not easy to come up with a suitable surprise for your spouse and you may have covered pretty much every possible way of celebrating, from going on vacation to having a picnic in the park.

50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Fifty years of marriage is quite an achievement, considering many people do not make it that far these days. Not only is it achievement that you stay together, but you stay happy together and it is definitely a good reason to have a celebration. The chances are that if you married in your late teens or early twenties, you will be somewhere in your late sixties to mid-seventies at the time you celebrate your milestone anniversary. This means you will be able to think of plenty ideas that you and your spouse can do to celebrate.
It is well known that the fiftieth wedding anniversary is the golden wedding anniversary and of course, you could buy a beautiful piece of gold jewellery for your husband or wife. Gold represents solid lasting love and you can also throw a huge party for your family and friends to help you celebrate. You could use gold colored plates and knives and forks, gold accessories, such as candelabras and vases, gold flowers and gold decorations.

Celebrating Wedding Anniversary

When it comes to finding a gift for a couple who are celebrating a wedding anniversary it can be really difficult, unless you know what they like. Choosing a gift for most occasions can be difficult and confusing, but a wedding anniversary, particularly cane pose a challenge. Largely, it can depend on how long the couple have been married, of course. Some suggestions can be traced back to the meaning of the number behind their anniversary, for instance, paper represents one year of marriage, cotton representing two years and so on. So, what can you possibly buy for a couple who are celebrating an anniversary and connect it to the meaning behind it? Here are some suggestions.

Halloween Wedding Idea

Ok, so it’s not quite Halloween yet, but this story has to be shared. Last year a wedding was planned by this couple who wanted something a little different. They both had this fascination for Halloween and decided that, rather than have a summer wedding with the white dress and pretty trimmings, they would go Goth and do something different. It was not a typical Goth style wedding, but more about the way they performed it. The registry office wedding was a typical affair with the stiff upper lip registrar, dressed in a very businesslike suit and a pleasant smile, probably thinking they had seen it all.

That is, until the bride and groom showed up. His idea of an entrance was to turn up in a black hearse, carefully designed to look like more like a wedding car than a coffin carrier. It was decorated in pumpkins and flowers, using specifically dark colors, like midnight blue, dark purple and blood red. It didn’t even look spooky, really, but more like a mock-up of a Halloween car, yet surprisingly un-chintzy. His vehicle stopped outside the registry office and he climbed out, dressed as a zombie, but wearing a top hat. His face make-up was cleverly and professionally done and one passer-by stared long enough to wonder if the apocalypse had started without her realizing it. He just smiled at her and she ended up grinning back, watching him walk up the registry office steps. After all, it was coming up for Halloween, so it wasn’t exactly a strange sight for that time of year.

Then, the bride showed up in a Rolls Royce Phantom rental car, complete with scary chauffeur. How they got the chauffeur to play ball is anyone’s guess, but it went down a treat with the small crowd of onlookers. The bride climbed gracefully out of the car, her dress flowing full from the waist down, long train dragging behind her. She turned a little and at first glance one might have thought it was something out of a horror movie. Her dress as disheveled and torn and there were rips in the arms, the veil was threadbare and the flowers she carried looked as though they had been stolen off an old gravestone. Funny enough, she did look very pretty and her complexion glowed under the October sun.

The groom had already gone inside and so the bride padded up the stairs, father at her side. He was dressed in a second hand morning suit that had been theatrically ruined to look like the ungrateful dead. Then, inside, looking around the crowd, the strangest sight appeared. The whole congregation were dressed as zombies, mummies and corpses, faces glowing with theater paint. The registrar looked bemused as she stood there, about to make her introduction. It was certainly a wedding idea to remember.

URB: If you are looking for Rolls Royce Phantom rental check out Phantom Phantom for an excellent, prompt and friendly service.

Channel 4 features Kudos Cars

Channel 4 selected Kudos Cars to be featured on its Hit series Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Kudos cars is an extra ordinary Luxury car hire service, besides being known for its Top class customer service it is also known for its well-maintained fleet of luxury cars for hire and courteous chauffeurs.

During the show which is about celebrating weddings, the bride was accompanied by her father who visited our offices at Unit 10, Cowley Mill Road, UB8 2DB to inspect various car models available for hire.

Our team gave helpful information on choosing the right car for the wedding.

The Bride choose two Rolls Royce Phantoms cars in White colour with number plates MY WISH and WISH RR to arrive at the venue of her wedding in style.

Kudos Cars through its years of experience in the Luxury car hire industry has kept up to the changing times and lead rest of the players in Chauffer driven Prestige car hire industry by investing in new technology, Kudos Cars is probably the only Luxury car hire service which boasts of dedicated client service areas on its website where customers can amend the selected services.

We at Kudos Cars completed the service chosen by the bride in excellent manner with much Kudos, and wish the Bride and Groom a happy married life ever after!

Kudos Cars featured on German documentary

Kudos Cars does it again and will be featured on an international television documentary being filmed by TOKEE BROS www.tokee.de a German media company.

Our offices were visited by the star attraction of the show the Queen of England, more so an impersonator of the queen. Not to reveal the plot a lot we were asked to drive the Queen of the day around London while the documentary production crew filmed the on goings of the day.

The car selected by Tokee Bros to feature in the event was a Rolls Royce Phantom in black colour with the number plates R19LLS, The car which took the queen around town in all the glamour.

The Queen impersonator can be booked through our parent company Kudos Music www.kudosmusic.co.uk, She can portray the queen in great light and is available for weddings, parties and other entertainment events.

Visit our news section again as we will keep it posted with more new happenings on this event!


Congratulations to DJ H! The whole Kudos team where on full swing last weekend celebrating their multi award winning DJ H and Monica’s wedding day! This was a wedding to remember for a lifetime and what a set-up it was! After all, it was Kudos’ best DJs wedding! Not only is DJ H the most elite DJ in Kudos but he is also the Director/founder of Kudos so there’s no doubt that being an event designer, into stage production, lighting, sound, video along with DJ Entertainment his wedding day was definitely going to be one of the most exclusive affairs ever! The best cars, the best, lighting, the best DJ set up and the best decor was seen at this wedding as well as some very exclusive guests. I’m sure all his fans would like to know about DJ H and Monica’s big day? Well let me enlighten you…

As you all know, Kudos cars provide only the best in elite, classic vehicles for special occasions, and as you all know this one was particularly special. Some of the greatest and most popular number plates that are used are:

ASK 805S
And last but not least R12LLS

There was a long list of Modern Classic Cars at DJ H and Monica’s wedding some of them being the following:

1 Bentley Mulsanne
5 Rolls Royce Phantoms
3 Rolls Royce Ghosts
2 Range Rover Sports
1 Audi R8

Sounds like all the cars came out to play that day!

The chosen car for DJ H was a Rolls Royce Phantom MY W15H, in which DJ H was picked up from his residence in Iver and driven to his local Slough Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) for a blessing before driving to a Gurdwara in Leicester where he was greeted by a 12 piece band orchestra called Band Baja UK who welcomed him with a grand entrance. Where DJ H traveled in his amazing Phantom, Monica also had one of Kudos Car’s finest White Rolls Royce Ghost, D3, which took Monica to the Gurdwara in Leicester for her Sikh wedding ceremony
Of course, all these cars came with the best Chauffeurs (as usual) to provide the best, stress free elite experience for the Bride and Groom and their family and friends.

After joining in Holy Matrimony with Monica, the Bride and Groom was whisked away to their Grand Wedding Reception at the Hilton Metropole at the NEC Birmingham in MY W15H. They were greeted with the most elaborate decor, lighting and theme set up by DJ H’s Kudos Music family which made this occasion even more special for the happy couple.

The Doli (Indian traditional way of sending of one’s daughter to her new home) took place at the Hilton Metropole after the wedding reception. Thereafter DJ H and his Bride, Monica was taken back to DJ H’s home in Iver, in the Grooms Phantom, MY W15H.

There’s one thing talking about this and another actually being able to see the amazing event in pictures and videos, would you like to see more of DJ H and Monica’s wedding? All the exclusive wedding news can be viewed on twitter and Instagram by typing #hardeepmonica
Congratulations to DJ H, the face of Kudos Entertainment and his beautiful bride Monica, may God bless you with a happily married life.

Gold Rolls Royce Ghost and Gunmetal Flying Spur (new shape) Now Available to Kudos Cars

A provider of luxury car hire for a range of occasions, Kudos cars offers a variety of stunning, classy vehicles to suit all needs and preferences. From sleek Bentleys and sporty Ferraris through to the range of stunning Rolls Royce vehicles, you will find the perfect vehicle for your needs when you book through this provider.

If you’re booking a vehicle for a special occasion such as a wedding, special evening out, or even a corporate event, you naturally want to find the perfect car for your needs. This means finding a car that is not only sleek and stunning in terms or appearance but also one that offers luxury, a range of features, and complete comfort for you and those travelling with you.

You will find many different vehicles to choose from at Kudos Cars, so finding the perfect vehicle for the occasion won’t be a problem. Whether you want something that is sporty and makes a real statement, something that is chic and elegant, or something that is bold and turns heads, you will be able to enjoy plenty of choice.

In fact, the choice of vehicles available from Kudos Cars is actually expanding and you can now enjoy an event wider variety of stunning cars to cater for your needs. One of the new additions to the fleet is the truly stunning, unique Gold Rolls Royce Ghost, which is the perfect vehicle for a really special occasion such as a wedding. This is a vehicle that really stands out from the crowd and will provide you with not only the incredible aesthetic appeal but also the interior comfort that you want from a luxury vehicle.

Another new vehicle that has joined the Kudos fleet is the beautiful Bentley Gunmetal Flying Spur, which is the latest model in the new shape. Sharper, faster, and more aesthetically appealing than the original, this vehicle combines cutting edge design with interior luxury and exterior beauty, creating a vehicle that anyone would be proud to ride in.

Both of these new vehicles join the range of other luxury vehicles in the Kudos fleet, and both are perfect for a range of different occasions. Whether you want a beautiful luxury vehicle for your wedding, an anniversary, a romantic evening, a corporate event, or any other special occasion, these two new additions will prove to be the perfect choice.

Celebrate this Valentines day with a Luxury car hire

Most people cannot afford to own a luxury car though this does not mean that you cannot rent a spectacular ride for special occasions! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, consider hiring a prestige car for a night out on the town. Professional chauffeurs will make sure that every part of your high-end rental car experience is superb, so you can sit back in the lap of luxury, and get ready to make an impression. The following are favourite luxury cars available to help make your Valentine’s Day special.

  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe
  • Rolls Royce Ghost
  • Bentley Mulsanne
  • Bentley Arnage
  • Bentley Flying Spur
  • Vintage Rolls Royce
  • Vintage Bentley
  • Maybach 57
  • Mercedes S Class
  • Chrysler Limousines
  • Ferrari Limousines
  • Hummer Limos
  • Lincoln Limos


Express Your Love by Giving Your Partner the Best

Class and elegance are a car ride away. In fact, the car you ride in says a lot about your taste and style. Add effortless beauty to your special night when you rent a Bentley or Phantom Rolls Royce. Your significant other will be thrilled at such a thoughtful gesture, and it will set the mood for a fantastic romantic night that you won’t soon forget. Define this Valentine’s Day as one of the most special, by taking great care in planning every detail, right down to the car that whisks you around town.

Car Rentals with Distinction

Professional rental establishments can help you pick out the perfect color and style of vehicle for Valentine’s Day. Whether you choose the sophisticated and distinct look of black, or the pure elegance and grace of white, or possibly even the passion of pink, any type of luxury rental car is going to make your Valentine’s Day special. Kudos Cars has every type of luxury vehicle imaginable.

Contact us on 01895 207 991 to get the perfect ride for a perfect night.

Even Peter Crouch chose the Bentley Mulsanne for his wedding

When it comes to making wedding arrangements every couple wants to ensure that the day goes perfectly, which means ensuring that everything from the ceremony and reception to the flowers and the wedding car are perfect for the big day. Even the celebrities who tie the knot want to make the day extra special and one of the ways in which football legend Peter Crouch did this when he married the beautiful Abbey Clancy was to arrange a stunning Bentley Mulsanne for their big day.

It is little wonder that Crouch decided on the Mulsanne as the wedding car for his marriage to Abbey, as this is a truly stunning vehicle and one that not only looks super stylish but also offers luxury and comfort. This makes it perfect for a special day such as a wedding, which is something that Peter clearly realised hence his decision to choose this vehicle over and above all of the other options he could have gone for.

Why did Crouch choose the Bentley Mulsanne?

Given the amount that Peter Crouch has earned as a football star he could have gone for pretty much any vehicle he wanted for his big day. So, just why did he opt for the Bentley Mulsanne? Well, here are just a few of the key reasons he may have chosen this vehicle:

Stunning design: As you would expect from a Bentley, the Mulsanne is designed exquisitely and is therefore the perfect choice for a wedding. This vehicle looks sleek and stylish, which means that it is certain to get heads turning.

Luxurious interior: The interior of the Mulsanne offers the ultimate in comfort. You can relax and unwind in the plush leather seating, taking in the stunning wood and chrome finishes, and little touches like a privacy curtain and adjustable heated seats ensure that anyone travelling in it gets to enjoy true comfort and relaxation.

Excellent performance: When you travel in a Bentley Mulsanne you will be able to look forward to a high performance vehicle with the combination of a powerful engine coupled with the ability to practically glide along the roads to ensure a smooth and relaxing journey for the happy couple.

With its truly stunning appearance coupled with its incredibly opulent interior, it becomes pretty clear why the Bentley Mulsanne was the vehicle of choice for Peter and Abbey’s big day.